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Journal of Biblical Counseling - Subscription Options


The Journal of Biblical Counseling is published three times a year. Personal subscriptions are available in digital and print formats. They include all issues for the calendar year. Most subscribers choose “auto-renew” at checkout to automatically keep up with new issues each year. Subscribers will receive new issues automatically in their preferred format.

We also provide institutional subscriptions. These are print subscriptions and their license includes permission to share the volumes among a local community such as pastors and members of a local church, or students and faculty at a seminary or university library. Educational institutions may also choose to purchase a print subscription through EBSCO.

Personal Subscriptions

Personal subscriptions are available in both PDF and print versions. For each subscription you also have the option to purchase a single subscription, which is 3 journal issues, or you can enroll in our auto-renewal and never miss an issue.

3 Digital Issues - $12 / Per Year 3 Print Issues - $27 / Per Year

Institutional Subscriptions

We are delighted to be able to offer print subscriptions to institutions as well. If you are a school, library, church, or ministry, our institutional print subscription is for you.

3 Print Issues - $35 / Per Year