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The mission of the Journal of Biblical Counseling (JBC) is to develop clear thinking and effective practice in biblical counseling. We seek to do this through publishing articles that faithfully bring the God of truth, mercy and power to the issues that face pastoral ministries of counseling and discipleship. See subscription options here and Kindle editions here.

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Why We “Care” Instead of “Counsel” Each Other
By: Robert K. Cheong

In the counseling ministry at his church, Robert Cheong found that people expected more from formally trained counselors and less from godly men and women equipped to help them grow in their Christian faith. Read about what happened after they replaced the word counseling with care.

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Identifying Oppression in Marriages
By: Darby Strickland

A marriage is not always what it seems. Behind a peaceful façade there can be a history of great distress because one spouse controls and abuses the other. The Bible has a word for these coercive patterns: oppression. Because these patterns are often hidden, it takes skill and knowledge to draw them out. In “Identifying Oppression in Marriages,” Darby Strickland gives you tools to do this.

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Do Your Friendships Live Out the Gospel?
By: Jonathan Holmes

Friendship is important at every stage of life, but not much has been written about it from a Christian perspective. Jonathan Holmes fills some of that gap with this article. Well aware of how our highly-digitized world has impacted relationships, he calls us to invest in what he calls “biblical friendships.” He explains what a constructive friendship looks like and offers concrete ways you can build such relationships.

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Anger at God
By: David Powlison

In this article, David Powlison discusses the underlying dynamics at work in anger at God. Fallen people instinctively hate the Lord because he insists that we listen to him and that we take what he says to heart. God’s insistence insults our pride and self-will. Powlison goes on to identify the bad advice that is often given to those who are angry with God, and then offers rich biblical alternatives.

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Abiding in the Vine: Walking with Sexual Strugglers
By: Ellen Mary Dykas

We live in a world where people’s sexuality is increasingly broken and misdirected. Ellen Dykas gives us a framework for offering help. Jesus’ metaphor of the Vine and the branches offers a lens on sexual sin as an “anti-abiding” lifestyle. When strugglers reconnect to the Vine and live in Christ, a deep dynamic of change begins. Dykas offers concrete tools you can use to help others abide in the Lord.

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More Than a Proof Text: “When you don’t know what to do—put your eyes on God”
(2 Chronicles 20:12)
By: Brenda Pauken

During the reign of King Jehoshaphat, Judah faced an imminent threat of invasion. The king did not know what to do but showed God-honoring confidence by leading his people to pray for help. In this article, Brenda Pauken shows how she uses this Old Testament story to provide foundational guidance to someone in a crisis.

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“Should I See a Counselor?”
By: Eliza Huie

This toolbox article provides guidance for those who ask the question: “Should I See a Counselor?” Eliza Huie gives readers six questions to help you or someone you care about consider if it is time to seek formal counseling help.

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