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Though counseling is typically a reactive endeavor, Powlison uses his editorial to urge counselors to remember to also be proactive and instructive in their care for others. Counseling that is only responsive is always trying to catch up to problems. Varying your approach can help lead the way toward worthy goals.

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Todd Stryd

Self-hate is one variety of dark thoughts that can keep a person awake at night. But the God of all mercies is committed to nullifying the force of these accusatory and demeaning inner voices. This article describes the counseling process of how to lead and guide someone to the liberation that only Christ can provide. Readers who personally struggle with self-hate will find Stryd’s words a thought-provoking shield of grace.


David Powlison

Scripture calls us to be fearless and confident in facing down evil. It is our enemies who have reasons for fear. In this article, Powlison unpacks some of the practical, counseling implications of our warfare with the troika of world, flesh, and devil. He looks closely at Ephesians 6 and offers a fresh understanding of God’s armor. He then fills in Scripture’s teaching with detailed case studies.


Esther Smith

Chronic pain does more than bring sadness and a fading of earthly bliss. It imposes unrelenting earthly misery. Esther Smith is both a sufferer and a counselor. In her article, she speaks wise instruction to counselors so they can offer more helpful, relevant care to those who live with the debilitating effects of chronic pain. As she does, she gives substantial reasons for praising Jesus Christ in the midst of anguished honesty.


Lauren Whitman

Sustaining a healthy marriage is hard work and sometimes people get stuck. Marriage counseling does the hard, patient work to help a couple move forward. Lauren Whitman offers counselors sweet, practical wisdom about how to structure a first meeting. She provides numerous examples that will give you a good feel for what it looks like and sounds like to begin a fruitful relationship with a couple.


Kristin Silva

Christians who counsel often have trouble getting beyond their theological pat answers. Kristin Silva unpacks the story of what happened when Elisha and his anxious servant Gehazi faced the entire Syrian army. Silva shows how the surprise of what God does—through all the ages, and in our time, too—can ground and encourage a person who struggles with anxiety.




For 40 years, the Journal of Biblical Counseling of CCEF has provided a forum for biblical counseling’s development and application. The mission of the JBC is to develop clear thinking and effective practice in biblical counseling. We seek to do this through publishing articles that faithfully bring the God of truth, mercy and power to the issues that face pastoral ministries of counseling and discipleship.

Senior Editor David Powlison writes, “CCEF works and prays to restore Christ to counseling—and to restore counseling to the church. The Journal of Biblical Counseling serves this mission as a publishing ministry of CCEF. We believe that true, life-explaining insight into people necessarily involves thinking Christianly. Loving, lasting help necessarily involves practicing ‘counseling’ as one aspect of consciously Christian ministry. The deeper you gaze into what actually goes wrong with people—the weight of our sins and sorrows—the more clearly you see that Jesus Christ is essential to making it right.”

The journal includes articles and reviews from CCEF faculty like David Powlison, Ed Welch, Michael Emlet, Winston Smith, Julie Lowe, and more. It also includes other authors in the field including Paul Tripp, Jay Adams, John Piper, Tim Keller, Tim Lane, and more.

The Journal of Biblical Counseling (JBC) is currently published three times per year, available in both print and digital subscriptions. The JBC was published as a print journal from 1993-2007 (Issues: 11:2–25:3). From 1977-1992, it was published as The Journal of Pastoral Practice (Issues: 1:1–11:1).


Senior Editor: David Powlison
Managing Editor: Kimberly Monroe
Assistant Editor: Lauren Whitman
Proofreader: Bruce E. Eaton