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Transcript God gives hope. God gives hope that change is coming—that hope is certain. The Christian faith is not an […]


Transcript I love biblical counseling. It has been profoundly impacting on my own life and it’s just one of those […]


Transcript Have you ever had a vacation, or a day off, or maybe a weekend— something that you were really […]

Parenting in Weakness

“There’s a fine line between godly anxiety that’s a godly concern and godless anxiety that pushes away from God and […]

Spiritual Leadership in the Home

“The conversation about spiritual leadership requires humility and patience from both husband and wife.” Additional Resource: The Dreaded S-Word: Submission […]

Walking with the Depressed

“Many times in our anxiety, depression, and hardships, we forget the Author of our story. What does it look like […]


Ed and Alasdair discuss addictions. Additional Resource: Escape to Reality by David Powlison

Headship in Marriage

Robyn and Alasdair talk about headship in marriage. Additional Resource: Ancient Text Meets the 21st Century: Submission in Marriage by […]

Understanding Shame

Alasdair and Todd sit down and talk about “Understanding Shame.” Additional Resource: The Gospel for Shame by Ed Welch


Alasdair and Todd discuss the topic of methodology for counselors. Additional Resource: 50 Years: How CCEF Has Grown—and Seeks to […]

Self Care

In this podcast, Alasdair, Mike, and Aaron discuss the intentionally provocative question of, “Is it biblical to say, ‘How should […]

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