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Making Sense of Self-Pity

What is self-pity, and how should we view it? How can we turn our self-pity into godly lament that engages […]

Does Love Always Trust?

What does it mean that “love trusts all things,” as 1 Corinthians 13:7 says? How do we show an appropriate […]

Interview with Collin Hansen

Alasdair Groves speaks with Collin Hansen about his new book, Timothy Keller: His Spiritual and Intellectual Formation, and the influences on […]

Are You Over It?

What does it mean to “get over something”? After enduring a difficult situation, how do we know if we’ve processed […]

When You Feel Numb

What do we do when we don’t seem to feel much emotion? How can we understand this experience, and what […]

When God Is Silent

What do we do when God is silent? How do we have hope when it feels like he is absent? […]

When You Can’t Sleep

Do you ever have nights where you can’t sleep? Whatever the reason may be, struggling to sleep is a form […]

Grief Is Worship

Alasdair Groves talks about how grief is not something to run from, be ashamed of, or try to get rid […]

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