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CCEF Certificates

Because CCEF believes that counseling is a vision for the entire church, we’ve created an in-depth counseling educational program that provides equipping and training for everyone in all ministry contexts.

Join with other students from around the world to explore topics such as:

  • How do we change through the person of Christ?
  • How do we walk alongside others who are seeking to find hope and help in the gospel?
  • What does it look like to help others in the context of the local church?
  • How do we apply all of Scripture to all of life?
Certificate FAQs

Details of the Certificate

While CCEF is not an accredited institution, we do offer a robust certificate program. Certificates represent that a student has completed courses in our program. The School of Biblical Counseling awards three different certificates: Foundations of Biblical Counseling, Topics in Biblical Counseling, and Counseling Skills and Practice.

Students who are working toward a certificate represent diverse backgrounds and ministry goals–they are pastors, youth ministers, counselors, small group leaders, laypeople, missionaries, business men and women, retirees, and more.

Please note that CCEF is not a certifying agency. CCEF does not “certify” or “endorse” counselors who have completed one of our certificate programs. A significant part of any professional certification process is supervised counseling to observe if a student is appropriately applying what has been learned, along with periodic recertification requirements. At this time, CCEF only awards a certificate of completion from our organization, representing that students have completed coursework within that certificate.

If you wish to refer to yourself as a “certified counselor” or “certified biblical counselor,” you should pursue certification through an organization that provides this type of certification. Some organizations will accept CCEF courses as part of their training requirement. Licensure as a professional counselor is offered through state agencies and typically requires a graduate degree from an accredited institution. Some of our students do go on to be licensed.

Time Required for Completion

Effective Fall 2018, students are not required to complete certificate courses within a specific timeframe.

Order of Study

Students are required to begin their studies with Dynamics of Biblical Change, as it is foundational to all other courses.  Dynamics of Biblical Change may be taken concurrently with other CCEF courses. Students are permitted to take any CCEF courses without having completed a Foundations Certificate.

Students must complete a Foundations certificate before they can receive a Topics or Counseling Skills certificate – except under special circumstances. After completing the Foundations certificate, students may choose to complete either the Topics or Counseling Skills and Practice certificates in whatever order they prefer.

For complete information on CCEF’s course policies, please review our Course Policies Handbook. Other questions may be answered on the School FAQs page.

Foundations of Biblical Counseling Certificate

Dynamics of Biblical Change

Helping Relationships

Human Personality

Biblical Interpretation

Counseling in the Local Church


Topics in Biblical Counseling Certificate

Marriage Counseling

Counseling Problems & Procedures

Counseling & Physiology

Theology & Secular Psychology


Counseling Skills and Practice Certificate

Essential Qualities of a Biblical Counselor

Counseling Children & Adolescents

Counseling Observation

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