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everyday problems in counseling ccef course

essentials of biblical counseling certificate

Everyday Problems in Counseling

with Lauren Whitman

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This course considers more than ten everyday problems that people face in a fallen world, such as suffering, shame, conflict, and anger. With each problem, we will consider how the Bible conceptualizes the experience and how it leads us to help others to persevere through problems with the goal that their faith expresses itself through love (Gal 5:6).

What to Expect

Course Work

  • Each week you'll listen to lectures, read articles and books, and engage with other students through online forums and live small group discussions.
  • You'll complete various projects and papers, demonstrating your understanding and personal growth in the topics covered during the lectures and reading.
  • Your online instructor will give you feedback and interact with you throughout the course.
  • Throughout the semester, you'll have the opportunity to participate in optional online engagements with your instructor.
  • Please note: you must have access to a computer to complete this course.

Course Objectives

  • Become proficient in biblical conceptualizations for everyday problems
  • Gain both training and practice in applying Scripture to everyday problems in winsome, personal ways
  • Gain both training and practice in counseling methods for counseling everyday problems
  • Gain a sensitivity to the complexity of people’s experience of problems, and possess a growing confidence
    that Scripture speaks in the midst of the experience
  • Grow in being discerning observers of counselees and be able to organize and act upon observations by
    setting ministry priorities for counselees that are attuned to realistic pacing for the person
  • Be equipped to enlist helpers, establish church support, and think through other professional referrals
    and consultations
  • Possess a growing self-awareness and humility of your own struggles with everyday problems so that you
    can better empathize with counselees

Course Schedule

  • Week 1: Four Biblical Metaphors & Twelve Faithful Responses to Problems
  • Week 2: Suffering
  • Week 3: Shame
  • Week 4: Guilt
  • Week 5: Anxiety & Fear
  • Week 6: Loss
  • Week 7: Conflict
  • Week 8: Counseling Observation
  • Week 9: Anger
  • Week 10: Everyday Addictions

At a Glance

terms offered

Every September & March

course cost


course length

10 weeks


6–9 hours/week

Essentials of Biblical Counseling Certificate

Everyday Problems in Counseling is one of four courses in the Essentials of Biblical Counseling Certificate. Learn more about our current courses and certificates of completion below.

Meet the Lecturing Faculty

lauren whitman ccef faculty and counselor

Lauren is a faculty member and counselor at CCEF, where she has served since 2010. She holds a master of arts in counseling from Westminster Theological Seminary and a certificate in advanced professional counseling from Missio Seminary. Lauren also serves as the developmental editor for the Journal of Biblical Counseling. Through her work with the Journal, she brings experience and skill for developing authors and their writing. She also has a particular interest in biblical counseling methodology and in marriage counseling. Lauren has published multiple books, including A Painful Past (P&R Publishing, 2020) and A Biblical Counseling Process (New Growth Press, 2021).

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