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Pathological Liars with Ed Welch

Author: , Date: January 16, 2018

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“I know what you are thinking right now. In fact I even know what you’re looking at. Ok, I lied. I have no idea what you’re thinking or looking at, but it was kind of scary there for a moment when you thought I did, right? Actually…I probably do know what you’re thinking right now. You’re thinking, ‘Ok, this is getting weird.’ So let me move on to my point. My point is this: people have been telling lies since the beginning of human history, but some of these people end up lying as a way of life, trapped in a maze they create for themselves and often they don’t even know why. Today, Ed Welch and I explore a bit of this maze, and learn some interesting things about our own hearts along the way.” Host: Alasdair Groves

Length: 32:32


Additional Resource: I’ve Got a Secret by Ed Welch

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