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Anger Part 2: Three Lies About Anger and the Transforming Truth

Author: Date: January 01, 1996

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“Anger Part 2: Three Lies About Anger and the Transforming Truth.” Looks at three misconceptions about anger that dominate our culture. First, “Anger is something inside me,” as both the catharsis theory and the demonological theory hold. Instead, anger is a moral act of the whole person. Second, “It’s okay to be angry at God.” This psychotherapeutic view fails to consider what anger is, why anger arises, who God is, and how the Bible discusses and addresses anger at God. Third, “My biggest problem is anger at myself,” and the self-angry need to selfforgive. This view fails to analyze anger at self and how the Bible talks about forgiveness. The final section presents a pathway out of anger, 8 questions that help a person make sense of anger and walk towards solutions.

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