I'm so sorry to hear that your relationship just ended and I can see that you're heartbroken and how much that's impacting you and I just want to encourage you that that's okay. It's okay to be heartbroken. I think sometimes, you might be tempted to feel that you should just move on. Because after all, you didn't make the commitment or you're not married and getting a divorce and unfortunately sometimes other people will assume that you need to move on. That you need to just turn your back and look forward and you can look to the Lord for hope for what comes next. That's true. But there's a real loss that has happened here. Once your heart is invested in a relationship, it doesn't matter how long that relationship has been. That means a part of you has has just died when the relationship has come to an end.

I think it's good to acknowledge the grief that you have. I think it's important to be able to voice that in your own thoughts, maybe journaling or in your prayers, crying out to the Lord, and I think it's good if you can find someone who you can share this grief with. Someone who understands, someone who will encourage you as you express your grief and walk the path with you. At the same time, yes, there is a sense of looking to the Lord for hope. Because each day the Lord meets us where we are and he has seen you through that relationship. He has brought you gifts of relational involvement with this person, and he will bring you gifts today and tomorrow. The Lord will will bless you to live the calling of being single. Right now, we know that you have the calling to be single because you are. He will meet you there and he will lead you.

The important thing I think is to seek to define your life right now. Including your grief, including this loss by God's love and accepting that his love is there and that he's with you and he is active in what he has called you to today. Rather than trying to find God's love by the grief that you are experiencing, because then that can taint any gift that he gives, that can taint his presence with you today. So I'm sorry. I'm sorry that this is hard. It's okay. And I would encourage you to look to the people around you, look to the Lord and bring that sorrow to them and enable them to help you to walk through it.