I think that ministry really defies balance. Some ministry days feel completely imbalanced. And that was true in Jesus' own life and ministry. But it's interesting the question starts to get at, I think, the answer, which is how can we be faithful with what God has given us in a given day? In other words, pausing to ask, how can I be a wise steward of the time, the resources, the energy, the particular responsibilities that God has given me? I find that if I don't pause and seek the Lord, it feels like a muddy mess sometimes. And when I take the time to ask those kinds of questions, it helps me to know what I ought to say yes to and what I ought to say no to. Those are often wisdom issues. But I think those are important questions.

Author and pastor Zack Eswine reminds us that we can't be everywhere for everyone. And that was true of Jesus himself. By definition, as he came as a man, he was limiting himself. He could only go to certain places, geographically. He didn't heal every single person. He didn't visit every single place. And he was the Messiah. And we are certainly not Messiah to anyone, but it's important that we seek to be faithful to the responsibilities that God has given us. Sometimes we take on more than we should. We take on other people's expectations. So that's why coming before God and asking for help and discerning that is really important.

I do think that if your family is consistently getting the short end of the stick, then that's something that you really need to address. If you're a pastor, talk with your elders. Try with them to work out a plan whereby you are getting family time that is protected because you have two ministry callings: your flock, the congregation of the church, and your family at home.

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