I'd want to know what is behind a constant fear that my children will reject Christ. As a parent myself, I get it. I can't think of anything that is more important to me than my children following the Lord, and I often tell them that, that that's the greatest gift that I could have as a parent. However, I also understand that my children are moral responders and they will choose whom they serve. It is not my job to control the outcome, but I do have a part in the process. My fear as a parent can sometimes make me want to rule the outcome, instead of trusting God with the outcome. What that means is then I just realized my job as a parent is to do everything to make the Lord and his ways glorious to my kids, that I woo them to the Lord by the way I talk about him, and the way I talk to him, and the way I live my life and the way I engage with my children, that I strive to make him important in their lives. Then, I have to trust that the Spirit's at work in them and the Spirit will pursue them. So yeah, as a parent, we all will struggle with where our children will land, but that is where we're called to a deeper trust in the Lord.