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Hurts So Good: Exposing the Lies of Self-Injury

Author: Date: March 19, 2014



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Hurts So Good: Exposing the Lies of Self-Injury. You hurt yourself to feel better, but the relief never lasts. If you or someone you love feels trapped in a cycle of intentional self-injury, there is hope in the gospel that is better than the quick fix of self-injury.

Exposing the familiar motivations like fear and anger that drive self-injury, Edward T. Welch reveals what the behavior says about us and about God. He presents the Psalms as a God-honoring way to give expression to our deepest pain. With nine action steps, this minibook will help set strugglers on the path to hope and healing in Christ.

Book Details

23 pages
Publisher: New Growth Press
Publication Date: 2012