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Making Sense of the Suicide of a Christian

Author: Date: January 02, 2000

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“Making Sense of the Suicide of a Christian:” As a pastor, I can’t think of many things I like to do less than conduct the funeral of a believer who has committed suicide. The paradoxes pile up on top of each other. Describes the “themes that characterize the thought life and emotional disposition of someone who is suicidal,” but recognizes that descriptions are not explanations, and must fit in a larger biblical matrix of our existence as “created and covenantal beings.” Suicide is a sinful act, “and I am more than willing to discuss the sinful dimension of suicide with a depressed counselee.” Typical features include a sense of unendurable psychological pain, hopelessness in the face of problems, a sense of isolation, and the repetitive thought that suicide is the only way to escape the pain. Gives advice to counselors on what to say and do.

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