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When People are Big and God is Small - Audio Book (1st ed.)


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Overly concerned about what people think of you?

All experiences of the fear of man share at least one common feature: people are big. They have grown to idolatrous proportions in our lives. They control us. Since there is no room in our hearts to worship both God and people, whenever people are big, God is not. Therefore the first task in escaping the snare of the fear of man is to know that God is awesome and glorious, not other people.

Welch uncovers the spiritual dimension of people-pleasing and points the way through a true knowledge of God, ourselves, and others.

Unabridged 1st Edition (read by Ed Welch)
Total run-time: 6hrs 30mins


Chapter 1 – Love Tanks with a Leak (21:40)
Part One: How and Why We Fear Others
Chapter 2 – “People Will See Me” (27:16)
Chapter 3 – “People Will Reject Me” (21:25)
Chapter 4 – “People Will Physically Hurt Me” (41:20)
Chapter 5 – “The World Wants Me to Fear People” (33:22)
Part Two: Overcoming the Fear of Others
Chapter 6 – Know the Fear of the Lord (30:07)
Chapter 7 – Grow in the Fear of the Lord (39:58)
Chapter 8 – Biblically Examine Your Felt Needs (33:09)
Chapter 9 – Know Your Real Needs (23:37)
Chapter 10 – Delight in the God Who Fills Us (20:10)
Chapter 11 – Love Your Enemies and Your Neighbors (20:26)
Chapter 12 – Love Your Brothers and Sisters (39:34)
Chapter 13 – “The Conclusion of the Matter: Fear God and Keep His Commandments” (38:27)