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What Should I Tell My Spouse About My Sexual Sin?


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Should I talk to my spouse about my sexual past? What about current sexual sin? As Christians, we find freedom from guilt and shame as Jesus forgives and cleanses us. But how does that translate into our marriages? It can be difficult to know what to confess to God alone and what to share with our spouses. Questions like “Will it help to tell her something that’s only going to hurt her?” and “Will I ruin our marriage if I tell him about my past and he’s disgusted with me?” abound. This breakout session - targeted for spouses, as well as engaged and dating couples- will examine this thorny issue by looking to Scripture for practical guidance on confessing sexual sin with bold honesty while also thoughtfully caring for the spouse who has been hurt. Click here to download the outline for this session.

This lecture is from the 2012 National Conference, “Guilt and Shame.”