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Shyness, Performance Anxiety, & Stage Fright


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Shyness, Performance Anxiety, & Stage Fright: Where can you find refuge when much of life feels like you’re on stage...and you have stage fright?! When the fear of humiliation (“Social Anxiety” as it is clinically known) becomes a pervasive and controlling part of our experience, we become intensely self-conscious and want to hide. If responsibilities cannot be avoided, distracting low-grade dread sets in while panic becomes more frequent closer to deadlines. What does the Lord speak into this experience? How does he transform our fear into faith and reorient our inward self-preoccupation to outward loving kindness? This workshop will equip you more wisely to counsel those whose lives are gripped by fears of inadequacy and exposure. Click here to download the outline for this session.

This lecture is from the 2012 National Conference, “Guilt and Shame.”