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Shame on You: Overcoming Shame-based Parenting


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Shame on You: Overcoming Shame-based Parenting. The use of shame in parenting is designed to cause children to restrain behavior through undesirable thoughts and feelings about themselves. It involves negative and shaming comments about what the child is doing or who the child is, giving children a poor and inaccurate view of themselves. Instead of drawing them to see their worth in Christ’s eyes, children are taught to rely on the approval or disapproval of parents or caretakers. In this workshop, we will seek to understand the damage this style of parenting can cause while offering hope and grace to parents in how to approach their child with Christ’s love and grace. This gospel grace will woo children to a loving God who embraces them and yet calls them to change. If you are a parent, work with children whose environment was shame-based, or have experienced this style of parenting yourself, this workshop will be a support and a help. Click here to download an outline of this session.

This lecture is from the 2012 National Conference, “Guilt and Shame.”