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Redeeming Time When It Feels Like There’s Never Enough


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Redeeming Time When it Feels Like There's Never Enough: Moment by moment our lives unfold. In many ways time doesn't move fast enough and we feel trapped. In other ways it moves too quickly and we feel lost. Too often we feel victims of time rather than served by time. In this session, we’ll examine a practical theology of time and help to steward it. We'll consider God's use of time with us, and how he changes the way we see productivity, stewardship, and fruitfulness. We’ll consider unique struggles of ministry, work, and life in the contemporary era; practical help for the focus and management of time; and the significance of time as a counseling tool. We'll discover a God of patience and fruitfulness who helps us in "the best use of time" (Eph 5). Click here to download the outline for this session.

This audio is from a breakout session from the 2014 National Conference, “Loss: Finding Hope that Lasts when Life Falls Apart.”