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Loss: 2014 National Conference Download


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8 general sessions and 27 breakout sessions

death of a dream...

physical disability...

church split...

financial crisis...

loss of a loved one...

Losses create struggles for all of us. These are the times we really need help. These are the times others need our help. How do you find help in a time of loss? How do you bring comfort to someone else? The topic of loss brings complexities and questions that few are prepared to face. This conference shows how the riches of Scripture speak directly to both the questions and complexities of loss and to a Redeemer who meets us in our losses.

Conference Details

  • Conference Dates: Friday, October 3, 2014 to Sunday, October 5, 2014
  • Conference Location: San Diego, CA

Product Details

  • 8 General Sessions + 27 Breakout Sessions (28 hours of audio)
  • Outlines & Slides included
  • 1.15 GB

General Sessions

All is Lost
David Powlison

I Will Bear Witness
Heath Lambert

In It Together (Faculty Panel)
CCEF Staff

Loss in the Life of Thomas Boston: Opening Death’s Hard Cold Hands
Aaron Sironi

Loss: The Only Door to God
Winston Smith

Partners in Suffering and Comfort
Mike Emlet

Speaking Our Losses and Finding Refuge
Alasdair Groves

The Apostle Paul’s Odd Balance Sheet
Ed Welch

Breakout Sessions

David Powlison

Angry Teens: Wisdom for Parents Who Fear Losing the Relationship
Rick Horne

Childhood Lost: When the Joys of Childhood Have Passed You By
Julie Lowe

Counseling Believers Who Are Losing Faith
Barbara Duguid

Dealing with the Loss of a Pet
Julie Lowe

Death of a Spouse: Counseling a Person Who Feels Like a Fraction
Robyn Huck

Divorce Care: Ministering to a Person Experiencing Complex Grief
Winston Smith

God Feels No Losses (Lucky for You)
Steve Estes

God’s Grace When Facing Great Trials and Loss
Jim Newheiser

Healing after the Trauma of Abortion
Aaron Sironi

Helping Children and Teens Cope with Loss
Julie Lowe

Helping Couples Struggling with Infertility
Mike Emlet

Helping People Work through Grief
Todd Stryd

Interacting with Elisabeth Kübler-Ross’s Theory
David Powlison

King of the Flood
Dean Jones

Kingdom Prayer: Powerful Hope for the Hopeless
Julius Kim

Lost Trust: How Can It Be Regained?
Cecelia Bernhardt

Redeeming Time When It Feels Like There’s Never Enough
Chris Carter

Singleness: Loss…or Gain?
Jayne Clark

Songs in the Night: Music, Hardship, and the Nearness of God
Matt Mason

The Emotional Intensity of Loss
Todd Stryd

The Suicide of a Loved One
Ed Welch

Urban Missions: How Your Church Can Play a Role in Ministry to Poor and Imprisoned Believers
Rick Horne

When a Child Dies
Alasdair Groves

When Life Doesn’t Turn Out the Way You Expected
Kellie Sironi

When My Loss is My Own Fault
Steve Estes

“Who Am I Now?” A Loss of Identity
Robyn Huck