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Lost Trust: How Can It Be Regained?


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Lost Trust: "I told her that information was personal and then she posted it on Facebook! If that is how she treats a confidence, I will never trust her again!" Have you ever been in a similar situation and had a friend betray a confidence? Or had a family member betray a promise? Or a spouse betray a vow? When we have been betrayed by someone close to us, we naturally want to create a wall of protection that prevents us from being hurt again. But Jesus modeled and taught us another way: Turn the other cheek, walk an extra mile... forgive. Given Jesus’ teachings, are there any occasions to rightly draw lines in the sand? Does love mean we reenter a fully restored relationship after a betrayal? Can the relationship ever be what it was before? This session will consider how wisdom and love can unite in rebuilding trust after it has been lost by betrayal. Click here to download the outline of this session.

This audio is from a breakout session from the 2014 National Conference, “Loss: Finding Hope that Lasts when Life Falls Apart.”