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Draw Them Out to Draw Them In


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We can all naturally gravitate toward people who are easy to talk to and relate with. But what about those individuals who are awkward, quiet, or hard to understand? We all know people like this. This person could be your uncle, sister, your child, or a member of your church.

God is not partial and does not show favoritism, but cares equally for those deemed easy and hard. Therefore, we, as his followers, are spurred on by his love to consider the hard people in our life. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. Good intentions run up against confusion and failed efforts. While there is no formula for success, Scripture does offer us a perspective on loving hard people and creative wisdom can open doors to meaningful connection and relationship.

This breakout will consider the practical how-to’s of reaching out to those on the relational margins of our families, our churches, and our communities with the purpose of bringing them into a fuller communion.

Download PDFs of the slides and outline for this session.