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When Life Doesn't Turn Out the Way You Expected


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As young people, we are encouraged to dream big! But for many of us, despite our dreaming, life takes a turn we never expected. A retiree is so excited to finally “start life,” and then her husband is diagnosed with terminal cancer. A young couple has always expected to be parents, but is now anguished by infertility. A man is turning 40, and never dreamt he would still be single. All of these share a common theme: my life is not what I thought it would be. Did God lie to me? Did he forget me? Where is he? The reality is that God’s Word and plan of redemption is full of encouragement, guidance, and real stories that apply to our situation and help us make sense of this specific kind of loss.

This session is from our 2014 National Conference: Loss: Finding Hope That Lasts When Life Falls Apart. Purchase the entire audio here.