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Created to Draw Near: 2020 National Conference USB


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One of the greatest of all human longings is the desire for relational intimacy, yet many of us feel isolated and disconnected from both God and others. God’s plan from the beginning has been for his people to draw near to him, and to each other, as a kingdom of priests. But though the theme of the priesthood is present from Genesis to Revelation, the church’s understanding of it is often limited. Join us as we examine these truths and chart a path for how to reclaim our true identity as royal priests and remake our earthly and heavenly relationships.

Conference Details

  • Conference Dates: Friday, October 2, 2020 to Sunday, October 4, 2020
  • Conference Location: Hershey, PA

Product Details

  • 7 General Sessions + 20 Breakout Sessions (21 hours of audio)
  • Bonus Feature: Interview with Paul Miller on prayer
  • Outlines & Slides included
  • 1.3 GB

General Sessions

Come Closer | Ed Welch

When God Draws Near: Tabernacle as Dwelling Place | Jonny Gibson

United to Jesus Our High Priest | Alasdair Groves

The Doors Have Been Opened: Priesthood Is for All Believers | Julie Lowe

Fellowship, Nearness, and Food | Mike Emlet

Making Our Communities Houses of Prayer | Paul Miller & Mike Emlet

Drawing Near in UnityAaron Sironi

Finishing Face to Face: The Priesthood Fulfilled in the Book of Revelation | Steve Midgley

Breakout Sessions

Parenting in a Priestly Manner | Julie Lowe & Ron Jones

Repentance: Drawing Near to God and Others | Darby Strickland

How Friends Help Us Draw Near to God | Jonathan Holmes

Closer: A Marital Enrichment Seminar for Couples Desiring to Draw Nearer | Aaron & Kellie Sironi

Collaborative Counseling: Working Well with Church Leadership | Michael Gembola

Beyond Devotional Doldrums: Using Scripture and Prayer to Foster Intimacy with God | Mike Emlet

Drawing Near When Sexual Impurity Feels More Exciting or Desirable | Ste Casey

Invited to Draw Near: Tabernacle as Meeting Place | Jonny Gibson

How Direct Access to God and the Priesthood of All Believers Changes Christian Marriages | Deepak Reju

A Painful Past: Healing and Moving Forward | Lauren Whitman

Nearness Gone Wrong: When Leaders Fail | Steve Midgley

Taking the Path of Our Great High Priest | Paul Miller

The Counselor as Priest: Offering Care to Help Others Draw Near to Christ | Jonathan Holmes

Drawing Near to Entrenched People | Todd Stryd

A Time to Step Back?: God’s Purposes for Relational Distance | Laura Andrews

Watching the High Priest at Work | Paul Miller

Racism and Drawing Near: How the Gospel Speaks into a Broken World | Julie Lowe & Ron Jones

Living a Priestly Life: Teaching by Example | Robyn Huck

Drawing Near When You Prayed and Nothing Changed | Ste Casey

Created to Know and Experience Love | Robert Cheong