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Counseling Guilt and Shame for Men Struggling with Pornography


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Pornography has been described as a sexual scourge among men. Distorted thinking; addictive behavior; foolishness; double-mindedness; broken relationships—all of these things characterize men who are struggling, but what about guilt and shame? How does a counselor think about guilt and shame for Christians struggling with pornography? How do we offer pornography addicts a gospel-centered perspective on fighting this problem? In this workshop, we will think through the problem of pornography; biblically examine guilt and shame; explain how guilt and shame relate to pornography struggles; and (most importantly) help counselors think about how to counsel different aspects of guilt and shame for men struggling with pornography. If you are counseling or discipling someone who struggles with pornography, or if you struggle with it yourself, this workshop will be helpful to you. Click here to download the outline for this session.

This lecture is from the 2012 National Conference, “Guilt and Shame.”