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Mike EmletWinston Smith

When is tough love appropriate for adult children?

August 7, 2016



In this episode, Winston Smith, Brian Munnings, Mike Emlet, and Myriam Hertzog talk about “tough love” when it comes to parenting adult children. Their discussion revolves around a listener’s question: “When is tough love appropriate for adult children? In this case, it concerns an older child living at home who shows no signs of faith, is unwilling to help or contribute to the running of the house, and yet also struggles with serious depression.”

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Mike Emlet


Mike is a faculty member and counselor at CCEF, where he has served since 2001. He holds a doctor of medicine from the University of Pennsylvania and a master of divinity from Westminster Theological Seminary. Prior to joining CCEF, Mike worked as a family physician for eleven years. He has particular interests in working with ministry leaders and with those who struggle with anxiety, depression, and OCD. He has published numerous books, including CrossTalk (New Growth Press, 2009), Descriptions and Prescriptions (New Growth Press, 2017), and Saints, Sufferers, and Sinners (New Growth Press, 2021).

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