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Ed Welch

Counseling Those Who Are Depressed

Journal of Biblical Counseling 18:2

In this article, Ed Welch lays out a comprehensive philosophy for understanding and for helping depressed people in four major sections. First, “Listening to Depression” encourages counselors simply to listen well to those who experience life as an unbearable hell of mental pain and malignant sadness. Second, “Loving Those Who Are Depressed” calls for would-be counselors to genuine compassion that perseveres over the long haul. Third, “Understanding Depression” unpacks the details of three fundamental principles. The person is suffering, experiencing great pain. Suffering reveals our hearts, and the heart of a depressed person says many things to those who are able to draw them out. Fourth, “Helping Those Who Are Depressed” offers specific guidelines for questioning, challenging, teaching, and encouraging depressed people.

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