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David PowlisonJohn Babler

Counseling Ministry Within Wider Ministry

Journal of Biblical Counseling 18:1

In this article, David Powlison interviews John Babler, who teaches ministry-based evangelism at Southwestern Baptist Seminary. Dr. Babler brings biblical counseling principles into the activities usually thought of as social work, mercy ministry, and evangelism. Babler argues, if we’re biblical, and build loving relationships, then we’ll be holistic, addressing every aspect of people’s lives in practical ways. Doing practical good is tied to bringing the good news. Babler continues, “In both evangelism and discipleship we meet the person at the place of their practical need…I think that the biblical counseling movement often misses the treasure of what we try to do in ministry-based evangelism.” Babler gives case studies, and discusses the place of biblical counseling within Southern Baptist churches.

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