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Book cover for OCD: Freedom for the Obsessive Compulsive

OCD: Freedom for the Obsessive Compulsive

Written byMike Emlet

Repeated thoughts about contamination. Recurring doubts. A need to have things in a particular order. An irrational fear of getting a life-threatening disease. Repetitive checking, washing, cleaning, arranging. Hoarding. These are some of the common obsessions and compulsions experienced by people with OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder). Do you know anyone who struggles like this?

What causes obsessive compulsive behavior? Is this primarily a spiritual or sin issue? “These questions must be answered if we are to minister wisely and compassionately to those who struggle in this way,” writes Michael Emlet.

Emlet discusses the causes of OCD and gives a biblical approach to helping those who fight it. He shows how trusting in Jesus Christ “brings freedom from the tyranny of performance and perfectionism.”

Book Details

29 pages
Publisher: P & R
Publication Year: 2004

eBook Details

40 pages
Publisher: New Growth Press
Publication Year: 2011