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Book cover for Mom Guilt: Escaping Its Strong Hold

Mom Guilt: Escaping Its Strong Hold

Written byLauren Whitman

Do you feel like you’re failing as a mom? Are you plagued by a sense of inadequacy and feel like you’re constantly missing the mark? These feelings describe mom guilt—a surprisingly common experience for modern moms.  

Counselor Lauren Whitman helps moms identify mom guilt and understand the common roots of it that contribute to a sense of deficiency that many mothers live with. She helps readers think biblically about how God helps us escape from mom guilt by accepting our limitations, rejecting worldly standards, and embracing the freedom of faithful living before God.   

Moms: God sees more than failure in you—and he wants you to see it too so you can be encouraged.

Book Details

24 pages
Publisher: New Growth Press
Publication Year: 2022

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