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Current Happenings & Prayer Needs

There are two primary ways you can support CCEF’s ministry—through prayer and financial giving. Each month we will update this page to inform you of some of the current happenings and specific prayer needs.

Current Happenings & Prayer Needs

Humility considers others.

Humility has many different connotations. Here are two definitions.

Merriam-Webster defines humility as the quality or state of not thinking you are better than other people. The definition is helpful, but it starts with “not thinking you are…” If we are being honest, we often do think we are better than other people. How do we respond? Some of us are quiet, others louder. Even if we have an appearance of humility, often it is shallow. I confess at times this is true in my own life.

According to the Bible, humility means counting others more significant than yourself (Philippians 2:3). It is a subtle difference, but did you notice it? This definition starts with “counting others…” Our orientation isn’t inward, but outward. It goes against our natural tendency to compare. This kind of humility finds a special home with courage.

Courage stands up.

Merriam-Webster defines courage as the ability to do something you know is difficult or dangerous. Ability is a helpful word but only goes so far because often we are called to be courageous in situations where we lack ability.

And in situations of great vulnerability, courage does what humility does. It makes us move outward.

Humility and courage came perfectly through Christ.

Christ left all comfort. All ability. All security. In perfect humility he entered the most vulnerable situation imaginable. And in perfect courage he persevered, to the point of death.

So when I think about humility and courage, I see Christ. And seeing him frees me from wanting to appear humble or courageous. It frees me to confess that I often fall short. It frees me to work out my salvation by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus combined humility and courage perfectly, winsomely, and helpfully. And that is our aim here at CCEF as we meet with men and women in crisis, as we equip people around the world to do gospel ministry, and as we publish resources we hope edify and encourage the body of Christ.

Here are our prayer needs this month.

  • Pray for the faculty and staff at CCEF. Pray we will be humble and courageous as we step out in service to others. Pray for our counselors especially as they often enter places of significant conflict and suffering. We need Jesus to be with us.
  • Pray for our new local initiative to provide group counseling. Cecelia Bernhardt, Todd Stryd, Laura Andrews, and Kathryn Wilson will work in tandem to launch two new groups that will meet for a period of 8 weeks. Pray for God to bring the right people to us for these groups.
  • Jayne Clark, our chief of staff, will speak at a women’s retreat at Faith Reformed Baptist Church 3/10-3/11. She will speak on rest—what it is, what the Bible says, why it is so hard to do, and how our hopes for future rest can change the way we live today.
  • Ed Welch will speak at Columbus & Living Water Rescue Mission 3/17-3/19. He will speak on biblical counseling, depression, and fear of man.
  • Mike Emlet will speak about same-sex attraction at Crossway Church 3/25.
  • Ed Welch will meet with small group leaders at Redeemer Presbyterian Church 3/25. He will speak about side-by-side ministry in the church.
  • Pray for our financial needs—pray that God will supply every need and that we will trust in his timing.
  • In just one year we will celebrate 50 years of ministry. Pray for us as we continue to make headway on plans for how to celebrate God’s faithfulness to us over the past five decades.

God bless you,


Rebecca Eaton,
Director of Development

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