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October Updates

There are two primary ways you can support CCEF’s ministry—through prayer and through financial giving. Each month we will update this page to inform you of some of the current happenings and specific prayer needs.

Dear friends,

The heart of CCEF’s ministry lies at the intersection of real life and real hope found in Jesus, the Living Word. In a phrase, we believe Jesus is the answer–and has the answers–to every problem. But it isn’t always easy to connect the dots between what’s on the pages of Scripture and what’s going on in the details of our daily lives. Will you pray for us? We want to grow in dependence on Jesus, and we desire to wisely point people to Him through His Word. Here’s how two of our staff members describe their need.

“When I think about how the Bible connects to my daily work, the word that comes to my mind is stewardship. God owns everything, including CCEF’s buildings and property, and we have an opportunity to steward God’s gifts to CCEF on his behalf. Please pray that I would be a diligent steward of our property, and pray that I would care well for our staff and counselees as I am called to care for them.

I’m also very thankful for the gifts we received this year from donors to rebuild our formal garden space that is adjacent to Bettler Hall. A beautiful flagstone patio and garden are now available for both employees and guests to enjoy that fits in perfectly with the architecture of Bettler Hall. Please pray that this project will enhance the experience of both employees and guests, and that our efforts to care well for our buildings and grounds will point many to the beauty of God’s creation.” – Bruce Eaton, Facilities and Office Manager

“At the front desk, I interact with guests every day. Though I’m not a formal counselor, I have the responsibility and privilege to care for people as they come and go. It’s a blessing to hear how God is at work in their lives, but it can also be a burden. The reminder not to be anxious in Philippians 4 often comes to mind. I don’t have to be anxious for anything because God is with me in the midst of it all.

Please pray for those of us who serve in this area of our ministry: Denise, Jen, Jessica, Jodie, Kelly, Rona, and myself. Pray that we would love people well regardless of our feelings or how much sleep we got the night before. Pray for us to accept our humanness but still shine the light of Christ.” – Deb Peart, Front Desk Receptionist

This theme of bringing Scripture to life is the focus of our national conference. Please pray for us as we travel with more than 1500 guests to Virginia Beach from October 19 – 21. Pray that Scripture will come to life in real and practical ways for each of us as we teach and as we listen.

“Would you join us in praying for CCEF’s National Conference? Pray for the Lord to prepare the hearts of the attendees to receive his Word in Virginia Beach. Pray for the speakers, that the Lord would give them thoughtful and fruitful preparation and words that would resonate. Pray for the staff leading up to the conference, and for the Lord to provide focus and energy for all details and outstanding tasks. Pray for the staff to be a presence of love and support to the attendees while at the event. And please pray for the Lord to be glorified above all.” – Joel Bassett, Speaking Events Manager

If you are unable to join us at the conference in person, we invite you to tune in for the general sessions via livestream online at ccef.org/conference18.

May Jesus meet you with grace and mercy through his Living Scripture.

Megan Krimmel
Director of Development & Advancement

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