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Current Happenings & Prayer Needs

Summer 2017

There are many ways you can support CCEF’s ministry. You might put our resources to work in your church. Take a course yourself, or sponsor a friend or your pastor. Make people aware of CCEF’s website and all that we have to offer. Come to a conference. Give a financial gift (one third of our budget is met by gifts). And pray specifically for us.

School of Biblical Counseling (SBC)

  • Our SBC staff of only six men and women serve nearly a thousand students each term. Please ask God to give our students and staff humility, wisdom, personal stamina and hearts of love for Christ.
  • SBC’s technology is in transition. We are upgrading the underlying systems across many areas of our ministry this year. Ask the Lord to cause these changes to succeed and bring increased efficiency to us that blesses our students.
  • Pray for our faculty and SBC staff as they work together to create new classes and refine old ones. Pray for insight and thoughtful coordination as we seek to bring God’s word to our students in ever more clear, applicable and profound ways.

Written Resources

  • Praise God for several new manuscripts from our faculty. David Powlison’s How Does Sanctification Work? was recently released by Crossway Books. Later this summer Ed Welch’s devotional on anger, Mike Emlet’s book on psychiatric diagnoses and medications, and David Powlison’s book on redeeming the sexually broken will be coming out. Ask our Lord for these books to bless and uplift readers by drawing each reader into deeper relationship with Christ.
  • Pray for the staff of our Journal of Biblical Counseling (JBC) as they plan out future issues. 2018 is CCEF’s 50th anniversary year! Pray that forthcoming articles will be relevant and meaningful as we look back at 50 years of ministry and look forward to the opportunities God will provide for us to bless his church. Please pray that God will allow us to reach more pastors and counselors with the JBC.


  • Pray for those who will attend our national conference in Texas, October 13-15. People will be coming from many different places. Ask God to work personally in each life. We want to serve well, and we want our time to be rich with learning, fellowship, and joy. Pray that we would be a blessing to the local churches in Texas, as we continue to develop connections and partner with them.
  • Pray for the conference team. Many of us are taking on new roles and responsibilities for the conference, so pray that our work as a team would be gracious and effective. We desire to glorify God in the process. Pray for fruitfulness and blessing for our plenary and workshop speakers as they prepare their talks over the next few months.
  • Please pray for our American Sign Language (ASL) outreach at the national conference. Pray that we are able to connect with our deaf brothers and sisters through our ASL conference promotion video, and that more members of the deaf community are able to join us at the conference. Pray for our team of ASL interpreters: Chuck and Nancy Snyder, Tony Myers and Laura Nimigan. May the Lord grant them strength and wisdom as they interpret over 3 full days. Pray we are able to raise funds for this ministry.

Other Updates

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