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May Updates

Last month we joined with 400 men and women to celebrate 50 years of God’s faithfulness to our ministry. It was a special time to worship our Lord and to fellowship with friends. We gave thanks and honored the past contributions of many people. Here is a bit of what happened.

We read James 1:22-25. Paul Tripp spoke about CCEF’s past and the foundational role Scripture has in counseling ministry. He said “the efficacy of the cure depends on the accuracy of diagnosis,” and Scripture is the only way to diagnose our problems and the only way to lead us to Jesus.

We read Philippians 2:1-8. Jayne Clark spoke about our present. She shared the need we have as a ministry and as individuals to imitate Christ, to be humble, and to consider others more significant than ourselves. She asked everyone present to commit to praying these verses for us.

We read Revelation 21:3-5. David Powlison spoke about CCEF’s future and where we are headed. One day every knee will bow, and every theory will submit to the truth of Christ. Every tear will finally be wiped away. We rejoice with how far biblical counseling has come in 50 years, but as David reminded us, we haven’t yet arrived. We need to continue to grow in wisdom and skill.

I had the privilege for the past two years to closely watch the planning committee prepare for our 50th celebration. I saw men and women serve the Lord with gladness and joy. During our celebration, I was reminded that we can do no good apart from God. Every good thing comes from him. He receives all the glory and honor. And at the same time, as Christians we are called to work with our whole hearts and minds, striving for excellence to make an impact for our Lord. We entrust it all to our Father, and at the same time he invites his children to join him in his work. What a beautiful calling we have received.

View photos of the event by clicking here.

Pray for my colleagues at CCEF this month. Pray we will trust the Lord while serving gladly.

If you weren’t able to join us for our celebration last month, I hope you will consider joining us at our national conference in October. It will be another time to gather and celebrate God’s goodness to our ministry for the past 50 years. Learn more by clicking here.


Rebecca Eaton

Director of Development

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