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Mission Statement: Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation

Our Mission

CCEF works to restore Christ to counseling.

Each of us has personal and interpersonal struggles. Jesus Christ knows those struggles, cares about strugglers, and enters in. We see him bring about significant change in people’s lives every day. This passion for Christ’s relevance in counseling is our heritage and heartbeat.

CCEF works to restore counseling to the church.

We believe that the body of Christ is God’s primary context for change, the community God uses to transform his people. CCEF’s mission is to equip the church to be this kind of transforming community. We see ourselves as an extension of the local church, and we want to serve and promote its ministry. The good news of the gospel is meant to be preached, taught, and counseled with relevance to individual people. Equipping Christians to live, love, and counsel is our goal.

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Our Ministries

Counseling. Our counselors serve individuals, couples, and families in need at our three locations. We provide consultation with pastors and other counselors. We mentor counselors through our internship program and supervision groups. | ccef.org/counseling

Courses. Because CCEF believes that counseling is a vision for the entire church, we’ve created an in-depth counseling educational program that provides equipping and training for everyone in all life and ministry contexts. Our online and onsite classes make our courses available all over the world, with thousands of students representing over 40 countries. | ccef.org/courses

Writing. Our authors write books, booklets, articles, and training materials for pastoral care and other counseling ministries. We publish the Journal of Biblical Counseling three times a year. Our website provides thousands of additional resources. | ccef.org/resources

Events. We host an annual national conference each fall where faculty and speakers offer extensive sessions and training. Our faculty also speak and teach at a variety of conferences, seminars, and church-based events throughout the year. | ccef.org/events