Let's think about this one together. It seems to me that Jesus comes with the merest smidgen of interest in our own parts. And he says to us, "Let's talk about this one together." So, let's talk about this one together. You want to change, but you don't want to change. Well, of course, your experience is something that most any human being can identify, those who follow Christ and those who don't. So, you're not alone. And then let's consider more. Let's continue the conversation. Jesus, help us to see, how could it be that things that ultimately are opposed to God, we think there's life in them? So, let's talk and see how there's some things that we want, but they lead us to death. Let's open our eyes widely and consider them.

And how has your life been trashed as a result of making the choice for desires that were ultimately deadly? Let's continue to talk. Apparently, we must not think that Jesus speaks to us about life that is so overwhelmingly and over-flowingly full. Jesus must sound a little bit like a persnickety person who's just going to slap our wrists when we get out of line. Let's talk about how in Him is fullness of life. And then let's talk, have we ever turned to Him? It's not simply a matter of just learning new things, it's we respond to them. We do something with them.

Let's say together, Lord, I believe these things that you say about you. I believe that there is life in you. And I believe that there is this insanity in my own heart that chooses foolishness and death. Lord, help me in my unbelief. And I turn to you and I turn away from death itself. And then we keep talking, and praying, and talking, and praying, and we look for change as it unfolds. Great question. Thank you very much.