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May 29, 2024

Prayer Needs: Spring 2024

"My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from him."

—Psalm 62:1

At CCEF, we are thinking a lot about rest as we anticipate our upcoming conference. As we study and prepare for teaching, we’ve been pushed to consider how to press our theology of rest into the practical details of our lives—not merely to minister to others but so that the Lord would grow us as people with healthy rhythms and an ever-increasing dependence on the Lord.

As we seek to apply what we learn about rest for ourselves, we want to grow in wisdom as we prepare to minister to his people at this year’s conference. We are expecting to welcome many attendees who are weary, burned out, or anxious—or seeking to help those who are. Would you pray that the Lord would shape us in such a way that our words would invite people to partake of true rest?

As we learn about rest firsthand and prepare for our conference this fall, our work continues—regular counseling sessions, another term of the School of Biblical Counseling, continued content development, various speaking and exhibiting events throughout the spring and summer. Would you pray that through both busy and slower seasons we would be mindful of Jesus’s invitation to rest, and that he would continue to use this work to bless his people?

Thank you for joining us on this journey. We depend on your prayers, prayers which our Father in heaven is delighted to answer.

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