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Creation (A Just Anger) and Fall (A Corrupt Anger)

When we’re talking about the issue of anger, we’re talking about the problem of evil. The unraveling of anger is a long and messy process. Anger speaks of both the finest and the foulest feelings and acts. Change is a community project, especially in the area of anger – we are all in this together. Powlison begins with his definition of anger: The DNA of anger involves “I’m against that, it displeases me, and it’s wrong.” Jesus cares greatly about people and was moved to action against wrongs. Patience, in scripture actually is expressed by the concept of being “slow to anger.” The line between good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being – there are no ‘spheres’ of anger ‘out there’ that can simply be avoided or destroyed. Powlison finishes by discussing how anger reveals two simultaneous realities in human beings: 1. You are created in the image of God (our capacity for anger called ‘very good’ – anger, as reflective of God’s anger is a good thing); 2. You react sinfully in your anger (our practice of anger is often very bad – we react when we shouldn’t, we overreact, and we don’t react when we should).

Key Scripture: James 3-4; Genesis 3-4; Ephesians 6:4; Isaiah 5:20

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