Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation

The Addict in Us All: 2008 National Conference

The Addict in Us All: Addictions…sounds ominous, doesn’t it? The mind drifts to the junkie scoring dope and the husband who hides Jack Daniels in the back of the toilet. Now notice what happens when you take the same idea, but use a word like temptation—temptation that doesn’t take no for an answer or won’t surrender without a fierce fight. Do you see what just happened? Your mind races from drugs, to gambling, to shopping, to eating, to sexual addictions, to people pleasing, and, of course, to you. Desires run amok. Welcome to the human heart.

The Bible is quite savvy when it comes to our temptations. God, after all, knows the human heart and sees everything. But there is more. Contrary to expectations, God goes into the streets, the alleys, the bars to find the addicted and the stuck and offer them freedom.

The aim of this conference is to accurately describe how God pursues and frees stuck people. Prepare to be inspired. And, in keeping with how God speaks to the nitty-gritty details of life, prepare to be equipped with specific strategies and skills for your life and ministry.

Complete audio download of 2008 CCEF Conference: The Addict in Us All