When the wealthy young man could not quite give all his money away and follow Jesus, we are given a hard story (Matt. 19:16-22). Many of us have wondered what we would have done if Jesus asked us the same question. The story is always challenging. But the wealthy young man has recently been hijacked by someone new: the young man who is hoping to have sex…soon.

He is twenty-ish and a capable apologist with his friends. If you spoke with him for five minutes you would be impressed with his spiritual depth and think there is hope for the next generation. But, if you spoke with him for a little longer, you would discover that he has decided not to follow Jesus.

He wants to keep his options open—his sexual options that is.

He has not had a sexual relationship yet, but he hopes to date soon and he does not want to be encumbered by God’s restrictions. So, rather than possibly feeling guilty or being a hypocrite, he has renounced his faith—at least until he gets married and sex is legit.

The Word of God has come to him, asked him to hold off on sex and follow Jesus, and he has chosen instead to keep the possibility of sex available and follow his own desires.

I am impressed with his spiritual understanding. Most young men—and older men—think they can have it both ways.