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The unique ways CCEF has shaped the Biblical Counseling movement

Author: Date: April 26, 2012


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Part one of a seven part series. In this first part, Dr. David Powlison is asked: “CCEF has been training students for more than forty years. Can you share with us the unique ways that CCEF spearheaded the movement and has continued to help shape and sharpen biblical counseling ever since?” Below are links to all parts of this series.

Part 2 – How does the School of Biblical Counseling help CCEF fulfill its mission?

Part 3 – Who would you recommend take CCEF courses?

Part 4 – How do you hope CCEF classes will bless the church?

Part 5 – How has your life been shaped by teaching the Dynamics of Biblical Change?

Part 6 – How have you seen your students grow in the Dynamics of Biblical Change class?

Part 7 – What are your thoughts about CCEF’s online education program?