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Critiquing Modern Integrationists

Author: Date: January 02, 1993

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“Critiquing Modern Integrationists:” The movement to “integrate” psychology and Christianity has moved through three phases. From the mid-’50s to about 1970 was a preliminary phase of initial interest and institutional formation. Up until about 1985 was a professionalization phase, with power and influence consolidated. Since the mid-’80s has been a popularization phase, where psychology has swept into mainstream evangelical religion. There are three main tendencies within the movement: chaotic, sophisticated, covert. The view of the human heart and the view of knowledge are two key issues. There are legitimate ways for presuppositionally biblical Christians to employ psychology (and other secular “knowledge”): illustrationally and provocatively. Efforts to convert psychologized people must expose their faulty presuppositions and reinterpret their world.

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