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Counseling Cross Culturally

Author: Date: January 01, 1977

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What kind of counseling is going to be done in cross-cultural setting? It
should be biblical counseling, which is based on 6 presuppositions. (1) The biblical
view of human nature means "the counselor in any culture has advance knowledge
about the counselee and his problem." (2) The counselor's value system must be
derived from God, not personal or cultural preferences. (3) The three sources of
personal problems are organic, spiritual or sin, and demonic, and these cut across
culture. (4) The objective of Scripture is to equip people to serve God, and there are
no cultural barriers on this activity of His Word. (5) Human beings are responsible and
God is powerful in all circumstances. (6) The renewal of mind and behavior is
universal goal of biblical counseling. Given these universals, there will be cultural
adaptation in application.

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