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Biological Psychiatry

Author: Date: January 01, 1999

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“Biological Psychiatry:” The notion that childhood experience was determinative dominated the psychologies of the mid-’80s to mid-’90s. But the newest fad is that biology is determinative. “For years biblical counselors have challenged the psychologizing of human life, arguing that human beings are fundamentally and thoroughly relational. Currently, the biopsychologizing of human life is having a huge impact.” Remember two key arguments. First, what god has said about human nature is always true, and Christianity is the only true and enduring “grand unifying theory” of people, problems, and change. Second, this is the third major biopsychiatric wave in the past 130 years (1865-1910; 1940-1960). Like in the earlier waves, new knowledge of localized brain functions and new medical treatments lead to bold claims. Biblical counselors has work to do to clarify or practical theology of mind-body relations.

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