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Seeing with New Eyes

Author: Date: January 27, 2014


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Seeing with New Eyes: Counseling and the Human Condition through the Lens of Scripture

“When our gaze awakens to the gaze of God, we have started to see. Seeing clearly, we can love well.” Seeing with New Eyes is a collection of essays written by David Powlison. Through Bible exposition, topical essay, editorial and sermon, David explores two main topics:

  • Scripture: In his Word, God speaks into real life to help us understand him and his intentions. How do we embrace Scripture to hear him at that level?
  • People: How can this deeper understanding of Scripture help us understand – and help – people (including ourselves) amid the problems of daily life?

Seeing with New Eyes also shows one how to look at many common struggles through the lens of Scripture, including:

  • Worry
  • Victimization
  • “Love languages”
  • The new biomedical approach to personal struggles

Since God does have take on counseling, David encourages readers to “think Christianly” about these struggles by learning to think God’s thoughts after him. This book will help readers to listen, look, and think wisely, with renewed hope, following the patterns of God’s gaze.

Book Details

276 pages
Publisher: P & R Publishing
Publication Year: 2003