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How pastors counsel

Author: Date: June 29, 2016

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He is a pastor who schedules two full days of counseling each week, and he has done this for years.

“How do you structure those days?” That was my first question. I was wondering how many people he scheduled, how often, and if he does it alone or with other church leaders in the room. My question wasn’t that important. I was actually more interested in my next question about what he was learning as a result of those two days a week.

“I make appointments every hour and a half, and I speak with each person or couple for a little less than an hour.” That made sense. Counselors often write down notes after a meeting, or get a cup of tea, or check email.

Then he said, as if it were obvious, “I use that half hour to pray for the next counseling time.”

I had no more questions. I learned from him everything I needed to know.