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What Makes Some Words Relevant? (Session 1: Everyday Worship)


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Our lives are full of everyday moments – touching base with loved ones. The loved one who touches base with you is your Father who cares tenderly, like a parent for a child. The one connecting with you is your Shepherd and he plans to walk with you today, so he can keep an eye on you and protect you. The one who catches your ear is your Counselor, whose intimate voice speaks wisdom to your heart. Augustine said, “Thou didst strike my heart with thy Word, and I loved Thee.” How do we, like Augustine, take the words of Scripture and make them personal? How do we understand that the conversation of Scripture is directed at us? Scripture is relevant. Powlison discusses three truths about how words become relevant: 1. God himself makes His words relevant; 2. The more you know yourself, the more relevant Scripture is; 3. You stop and think – your troubles and God’s mercies connect. Powlison closes by examining some of the words of the hymn Be Still My Soul by Katarina von Schlegel to illustrate how the realities of Scripture meet us in the experiences of everyday life. Scripture invites us to put ourselves into the story.

(This audio is part 1 of a 5 part regional conference titled Everyday Worship: How God Brings the Bible to Life)