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Walking a Mile in the Addict's Shoes


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Do you ever wonder if you can help someone struggling with a drug addiction if you’ve never used drugs? Absolutely! Your heart is very similar to the heart of an individual struggling with addiction. In this audio talk, Rice looks at the deeper heart issues involved in drug addiction and identifies these same dynamics in ourselves. Among the similarities, Rice notes that (1) Apart from Christ, we are all spiritually dead in our trespasses and sins, (2) Every person’s heart is filled with idols that demand allegiance and to be served, (3) We all struggle with unbelief, believing God isn’t truly good in his plans for us, and (4) We all selfishly pursue what we want and struggle with loving God and others. Getting a solid grasp on what unites us as humans who struggle with sin, suffering, and shame enables helpers to minister to those in addiction more compassionately and sympathetically by “finding the common in the uncommon.”