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Featured image for Uncovering Shame & Guilt Curriculum (Includes 1 DVD + 10 Workbooks)

Uncovering Shame & Guilt Curriculum (Includes 1 DVD + 10 Workbooks)


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What is the benefit of wrestling with and uncovering experiences of shame and guilt? When we become more aware of these experiences, we will better grasp the depth of Christ’s love for us, because Jesus is as concerned about the shame we experience as he is about our guilt. We will know better how to pray, how to ask for help, and how to find help and healing in God’s Word. And as we grow in wisdom, we are better equipped to walk with others.

Guilt seems fairly straightforward, it is about what you do. It results when you fall short of a moral standard or you cross a line. But shame is more difficult to grasp, it is about who you are and how you feel before the eyes of someone whose opinion matters. Shame is different than embarrassment. You feel exposed and worthless, rejected and humiliated.

This study emphasizes the human experience of shame, not because the problem of guilt isn’t important, but because shame is often overlooked as a universal struggle. So one goal of this study is to uncover shame and understand its relationship to guilt. Here you will learn how to identify the experiences of guilt and shame, know how Scripture speaks profoundly to both, and see how God responds.