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Trauma: Bearing the Unbearable (Digital Download)


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Trauma often overwhelms both bodies and hearts – it creates deep and varied wounds, which need compassionate tending. Scripture portrays many detailed, anguishing accounts of trauma in the lives of God's people, and so invites hurting persons in. And while each story of trauma in Scripture is embedded into the larger and better story of redemption, these accounts are never erased or treated as insignificant. God redeems, and he also remembers each tear.

As the church, we long to care as God does for his people. How can we embody Jesus for those suffering? In this conference, we will consider what trauma is, how it affects us, and how God compassionately tends to his people's wounds. We desire for the church to grow in loving care for those in our midst whose lives have been upended by trauma.

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  • 8 General Sessions
  • Outlines, slides, and supplemental notebook included

Sessions included: