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A traumatic event is like an encounter with death. Our past, present, and future are shattered by an all-consuming new reality that leaves indelible marks on body and soul, personally and interpersonally. The hope we once knew seems to grow dark. Where is God in times of such profound tragedy? And how do we help others when they are in the depths of such suffering?

This conference explores how, through Scripture, our God speaks to our hearts when we encounter trauma and how his light shines into our deepest darkness. Though the effects of trauma are comprehensive, the love of the living God is greater. It comprehensively engages us. It flows into every facet of our being, giving ear to the laments of those silenced, tending to what has been broken, and freeing what has been bound—until the day when all will be made right.

Conference Details

  • Conference Dates: Friday, October 20, 2023 to Sunday, October 22, 2023
  • Conference Location: Virginia Beach, VA

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  • 7 General Sessions & 20 Breakout Sessions
  • Outlines & Slides included

General Sessions

Breakout Sessions