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The Way of Wisdom: 2022 National Conference Download


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7 general sessions and 20 breakout sessions

"Who among you is wise?"

This question from James still penetrates deeply into our hearts and lives today. Wisdom is a quality we often admire, long for, and desperately need, both for ourselves and those we minister to. And yet, if we’re honest, gaining wisdom can be all too elusive. Scripture shows us the reasons this is true: folly entices us. Our lives encounter trouble every day, demanding that we discern how to live well in an ever-changing context. Far too often, we see how short we fall and are rendered speechless before James’s enduring question.

But there is hope. We have the Scriptures and we have Jesus who is the “wisdom from God.” This conference delves into the Old Testament’s Wisdom Literature, and pursues what it looks like to gain wisdom. It seeks to apply the riches of these Old Testament books to our counseling, our relationships, and our lives.

Conference Details

  • Conference Dates: Friday, September 30, 2022 to Sunday, October 2, 2022
  • Conference Location: Hershey, PA

Product Details

  • 7 General Sessions + 20 Breakout Sessions
  • Outlines & Slides included

General Sessions

The Story of Wisdom
Ed Welch

The Beauty of a Life of Wisdom
Dane Ortlund

The Fool and the Way of Death
Julie Lowe

Speaking Words that Bring Life
Darby Strickland

Futility, Meaning, and Life under the Sun
Mike Emlet

The Wisdom of Love and Marriage
Aaron Sironi

Wisdom Wrestles Well
Alasdair Groves

Breakout Sessions

Wisdom for Conflict
Ste Casey

What Is a Fool and How Do You Deal with One?
Dane Ortlund

How to Talk about My Enemies
Darby Strickland

Making Sense of Forgiveness: How to and Not to Use Biblical Narrative in Counseling
Brad Hambrick

The Way of Wisdom in Weakness & Self-Doubt
Esther Liu

Parenting from Proverbs: Principles of Wisdom and Applications of Love
Todd Stryd

Delighting in One Another: The Wisdom of Love
Aaron & Kellie Sironi

How Jesus Makes a Difference through the Psalms
Robert Cheong

The Wisdom of Complaining: The Place of Lament in Faithful Living
Laura Andrews

"My God Is So Big!" The Fear of the Lord is the Beginning of Wisdom
Libbie Groves

Finding Our Place in God's Rhythms for Our Lives
Eamon Wilson

Wisdom Adorns the Disgraced
Kristin Silva

Deceived by OCD: When Crooked Paths Seem Straight
Kimberly Monroe

Facing Our Mistakes in Counseling and Growing in Wisdom
Michael Gembola

Shepherding the Simple
Eamon Wilson

Instilling Wisdom in the Next Generation
Julie Lowe & Ron Jones

"Lord, Listen to My Cry!" The Power of Lament for Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse
Cecelia Bernhardt

The Hidden Gift of "Hevel": Finding Meaning and Fulfillment in a World of Futility and Frustration
Laura Andrews

Prodigal or Predator? Discerning When Behavior Makes a Prodigal and When It Leads to Corruption
Julie Lowe

The Importance of Metaphor in Counseling: Connecting to People and Connecting to God
Todd Stryd