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The New Anxiety: Fear of Missing Out (F.O.M.O.)


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Have you noticed the symptoms? A couple on a date, eyes focused on their phones rather than each other. People who keep notifications on all night, forgoing sleep in order to stay connected. An important conversation interrupted with, “Sorry, I should take this call.” And yet another accident caused by texting while driving. These are just a few of the symptoms of F.O.M.O., the fear of missing out. We are all vulnerable to it, and young people are being shaped by it. Social media and 24/7 connectivity tempt us to comparison and discontent along with the highs and lows of deriving our sense of value from what others say. In this workshop, we’ll identify these tendencies that often result in lack of productivity, anxiety, and depression, and we'll move toward a deeper understanding of God as the Good Shepherd, the one in whom we find the richness of life.