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The Counselor's Guide to the Brain and Its Disorders


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  • How can we know when a problem is physical or spiritual?
  • What does the brain actually do, and what happens when it is not working well?
  • How can we better understand those who have brain injuries?
  • When should we refer people to physicians?
  • What are chemical imbalances and what should we know about psychoactive medication?

These and many similar questions are addressed by this ebook.*

This counselor's guide ebook* presents clear and accurate information about the body and brain so that two extremes can be avoided: the assumption that human behavior is simply and comprehensively an act of the will unaffected by brain/body/chemical mechanisms and, on the other side, the assumption that human behavior is essentially biological functioning that is exclusively dictated by brain/chemical mechanisms.

This resource is a handbook for Christian counselors of all sorts to explain the functions of the brain and to provide a framework for counseling and pastoral care that is thoroughly biblical and also sensitive to the complexities of physical existence.

*Note: This resource comes in downloadable PDF format.