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Slowing Things Down: How to Listen Well


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Slowing Things Down: When we help each other, we listen. That is natural in close relationships and it is easy. Could anything be more basic? But, like all other aspects of godly wisdom, listening takes a lifetime to master. We can all do it, but we all want to do it better. This breakout session will draw out one aspect of listening—there are times when we help best by slowing down the person’s telling of the story and getting details.

This lecture is from the 2013 National Conference, “Not Alone: The Relational Core of Life and Counseling.”

Edward T. Welch, M.Div., Ph.D. is a counselor and faculty member at CCEF. He earned a Ph.D. in counseling (neuropsychology) from the University of Utah and has a Master of Divinity degree from Biblical Theological Seminary.